My First Blog Post! Truth or Happiness – Which one will you prioritize?

Truth and happiness go hand in hand. When you are true to yourself or when your loved ones are true to you, happiness surrounds you. But there are times when truth and happiness can be contradicting to each other. This happens when you had a preconceived idea or a preconceived image for a long time and one day, out of a blue moon the truth strikes in and it hits you hard. You realize that all this while you were supporting a masked idea or a masked image and the mask suddenly fell off.

Such incidents teach us a lesson and the lesson is – you cannot trust anyone. Post that incident we tend to dwell upon the negative aspects of that very incident. You tend to keep questioning yourself – “Why did I realize this so late”? or “How can I be so dumb”?

Now during all these shortcomings we really forget to be grateful about the incident which opened our eyes to the reality. If we were grateful about the whole incident, instead of wasting time in grieving we could have spent that whole time in accepting the truth. Trust me, it is easier to accept the truth and embrace it than to curse ourselves for something which we had no control whatsoever.

There are some great benefits of accepting a hard hit truth or any truth for that matter –

  1. It takes you to your next course of action. Either you take the lesson and stay away from such false images or you accept their true unmasked self. I think both of these are OK and it takes you to the greater good which is – now instead of lamenting, you heal.
  2. It gives courage to accept the person who was hiding his true image from you for so long. The person now begins to confide in you because he/she knows that you will accept their true self.
  3. It reconciles you with your lost friend – happiness.

That is why I always prioritize truth over happiness. After all, once you accept the truth, you can be happy again.