When you are giving love, just give and forget.

When you are giving love, just give and forget. Now here I want to make myself clear that I am not talking about conjugal love. Conjugal love is always a two-way journey. I am talking about love that exists between parents and children, aunts/uncles and niece/nephews, grand parents and grand kids, between cousins, so on and so forth.

I have seen people gifting their loved ones with presents and saying that it is a “Gift of Love”. I have also seen people taking immense care and supporting their loved ones in their times of need. And in doing so, they also reserve some space in their minds with the expectations that their loved ones will also love them back in the same way. I think it is not wrong to have some expectations in return. In fact you are not hurting people with your expectations but you are definitely hurting yourself. And I think it is unquestionably wrong when you are hurting yourself in this short lifespan of yours . Your life is meant to make yourself happy and not the other way round.

Many people also think that it is impossible to have zero expectations in return when you are giving your precious love to others. But I think it is surely possible to have no expectations from a relationship which do not involve romantic love. And for that you should have immense self love. When you make yourself a priority and love yourself fiercely, you become independent in the sense that you are not waiting for someone to love you back and you have enough love to love yourself. In that case you can spare some of that love to give to your loved ones. And while doing so, you will surely have no expectations from your loved ones to love you back. When you are giving love to others, give because you have enormous love to give and not because you are obliged to give. When you are giving love as an obligation, it is definitely not worth taking. Give because you have so much to give. 

As a human being your job is to give love. It is not your job to assess and analyse whether you should get the same love back. This is because you are already content with the happiness that you are getting from self-love. If your loved ones reciprocate your love, it is is an add-on to your already existing happiness and you should take that with a grateful heart. That is why I always say that self love saves you from a lot of disappointment and makes you a free soul.

To conclude, I want to say that, one should first learn to love themselves and then go out into the world to give the same love to others just because your heart holds enough love to give and to cure another soul, without expecting anything in return.