The Sudden Feeling of Detachment Between Two People in a Relationship.

In a long distance friendship or in any relationship for that matter, the people involved tend to feel detached over a period of time. Imagine yourself talking to your best friend over phone calls or video calls and all of a sudden, one day you feel that you can no longer relate to what your friend is trying to say. You start discovering that you both no longer feel the same way about any matter of concern. You remember that there was a time when your views and opinions with your best friend were one and the same, but now the scenario has changed. This phase can also come between people who share the same roof, and not just in a long distance relationship. 

This sudden ‘Rise of Difference in Opinion’ phase arises due to differences in spiritual experiences that both are having. The two person involved start to feel that they are no longer on the same page. One of them outgrows the other in the field of emotional, spiritual or intellectual quotient to such an extent that the other person can now no longer relate to what he is saying or feeling.  And this phase that I’m talking about is a complete no-no in a relationship that involves a husband and wife.  

But how can we avoid this phase from coming into our lives that drags us away from our loved ones? It will be a ridiculous idea to stop the emotional growth just to bring your loved ones closer because people are meant to grow with each passing day, and that is what makes our lives fruitful. 

We can stop this phase from coming into our lives at all, or we can repair the already damaged relationship that took place due to such uneven growth. This can be made possible by sharing our thoughts and feelings with the other person on regular basis. We need to build the communication game stronger and share the lessons that we learn from our lives, which ultimately has enhanced our emotional growth. In this way we can feed to their emotional growth, and there is a good chance that the growth will one day balance out. 

It is also very important that the person on the other end takes similar interest, and tries to understand the lessons that your are trying to share. If your lessons don’t intrigues him, then you need to graciously walk away, as you have done your best  and it was their choice. It is very unfortunate that they could not keep up with the growth even when you tried your best. In that case, you need to thank them for the support that they had given you so far and move on, knowing that you have done whatever your could to save the bond.

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